ADMTA is the local affiliate of Texas Music Teachers Association and Music Teachers National Association.

If you are joining MTNA as an active member for the first time please go to Both online and mail-in options are available. Dues for all three associations—MTNA, TMTA, and ADMTA are a combined $168.00 this year.

Please note: dues for national, state, and local associations are all handled through MTNA. No dues are paid directly to ADMTA by members.


 Professionally engaged in a field of music activity.

If you are a transfer member and have already paid TMTA and MTNA dues, you only need to pay the ADMTA local dues of $35.00 through MTNA.

If you need information regarding other membership types such as Senior, Retired, Patron, Associate or Collegiate please click here.


 Join or Renew all DUES to the Music Teachers’ National Association
• Please save your MTNA receipt to have quicker member access.  Without receipt, you will have to email to let us know you completed the join or renew process.  It takes 5 business days to process confirmation of your dues paid to MTNA.
• If you have a questions about dues call MTNA: 1-888-512-5278 or 1-513-421-1420.
• Transfer members only need to pay local dues if they have already paid state & national dues.   If you have questions about membership types, please visit MTNA or contact for further information.

Join!  To get access to ADMTA
• After sign in, you should input your member contact information and upload your receipt of payment from MTNA.  If you submit the MTNA receipt, you will receive a temporary password to sign in in 1-2 business days.  After you sign in, change your password immediately and complete your “my profile” information.
• You can expect to start receiving communications such as our monthly newsletter and announcements, along with a welcome letter that has important information for new members.
• You will also be assigned a mentor who is ready to assist you with questions you may have as a new member.
• We hope you will attend our next meeting if possible and allow us to welcome your personally.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for joining and welcome to ADMTA!

ADMTA Membership Chair