Speaker for October General Meeting: Alison Barr

Can You Hear Me? – Navigating from Tumult to Triumph in the Virtual Studio

Ms. Barr, like so many other studio teachers, eschewed the idea of virtual teaching until March, 2020, when she realized that if her students were going to receive lessons, she would have to figure out how to teach remotely. Not only to teach remotely, but to capture the essence of her teaching in this new medium, after 45 years of in-person teaching. In this presentation, Ms. Barr will share the ways in which she reinvented her teaching. These include how she maintained her core teaching values online, utilized best virtual practices and maintained positive growth in the studio. She will include practical and philosophical tips and share her thoughts on what we have left behind and what we have gained. Please note that many of you are likely more technologically adept than this presenter! Click on this post to learn more!