April 10, 2021 @ 7:00 am – 8:00 am
Registration deadline: December 31 @ 6:00 pm

Location: Steinway Piano Gallery

Directions to Steinway Piano Gallery are available at www.steinwayofaustin.com.  Free parking.

We appreciate the invitation of the Steinway Piano Gallery to hold our recitals in their recital hall. As a courtesy, we ask that students do not play on showroom pianos as they enter and exit the recitals.



To provide opportunities for adult students’ musical growth and performance.  Activities include yearly recitals as listed and may include other lectures and concert outings to be announced. Look for announcements in the ADMTA monthly newsletter.


  1. Any style of music may be programmed.
  2. Performance time limit of 12 minutes for each student, with no limit to the number of pieces within that 12 minutes.
  3. Piano duets may be programmed, but not piano duos requiring two pianos. Teachers may play with their students.
  4. Ensemble works may be programmed. Musicians will need to bring their own stands.
  5. Music does NOT need to be memorized.  A page turner is provided for pianists.


  1. Teachers must register students for a recital online.
  2. Registration ends at 11:45 PM on the day of the deadline with a two-day grace period.
  3. There is no fee required to participate in an Adult Recital. 


  1. Recitals are normally scheduled between 3: 30-5:30 pm on a Saturday when possible.
  2. Schedules are sent to teachers via email as soon as possible, usually the week before the recital.

NOTE: Adult students are also eligible to enter any ADMTA Festivals. Adults receive a critique sheet and certificate, but no ribbon or rating. Adult students are also invited to ADMTA monthly meetings and workshops. We greatly appreciate any adult students who can volunteer as a monitor for ADMTA activities.

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