October 12, 2019 @ 10:30 am – 5:30 pm
Registration deadline: September 18 @ 11:59 pm

Location: Steinway Piano Gallery

Students of member teachers: $40. Students of non-member teachers: $40 plus $50 non-member teacher fee

Students may receive one or more of the following:  Performance Opportunities, Masterclass, & Certificates


  1. To provide opportunities for students to perform in public and share the values and benefits of music study in their lives.
  2. To encourage the students to share their talents in the community in tandem with various charitable organizations.
  3. To work with others in the arts community in presenting outstanding concert experiences.


This audition is open to students from grades 1-12.   The audition is open to pianists, vocalists and instrumentalists.


Elementary: Grades 1-5 8 minutes
Junior: Grades 6-8 10 minutes
Senior: Grades 9-12 12 minutes 


  1. COMPLETE LIST OF REPERTOIRE: List on the application a maximum of 5 pieces the student could perform well at various concerts during the year. These may be solo or ensemble works (see #6-8 below). At the audition, students will play only two pieces but must choose from the list on their registration sheet.
  2. CRITIQUE SHEET: At registration the students should have at least TWO PIECES from TWO different eras checked on their critique sheet that they intend to perform at the audition.
  3. AUDITION TIME LIMITS:  If pieces selected exceed the maximum time limits the students will not be penalized, but will be stopped.
  4. Original literature is preferred, but transcriptions and arrangements may be allowed at the discretion of the chair.
  5. Repertoire need not be memorized, but memorization is encouraged for solo works.
  6. Any repertoire requiring TWO pianos cannot be accommodated.
  7. Entrants may program piano duets (no duos) or other chamber works.
  8. Solo piano concertos with orchestral reductions are not eligible, but other instrumental concertos are allowed.
  9. Additional performers needed for the student’s repertoire for performance at the audition must be determined and names submitted at the time the student registers.
  10. NOTE: Additional performers may be a member or non-member. Only the student registering for the audition pays the registration fee.
  11. Audition winners should plan to submit a digital photo file and parent release form (if not already submitted for other events). A 300-word bio will also be requested for programs and the resume submitted will be used for the entire academic year. The chair may shorten the bio if space limitations occur. The chair will request these items of all chosen ambassadors after the audition.
  12. If a student cannot attend the audition, the chair should be notified in advance.


  1. Pianos are not available for warm-up.
  2. The judges’ decision is final.
  3. Students will be asked to present a 1-2 minute speech regarding their interest in music and the music they are sharing.
  4. The judge may ask for the next available student even if it is NOT their specific assigned playing time to keep the audition on schedule.
  5. Teachers will be notified by email ASAP if their student is selected as an ambassador.


  1. Performers must provide ONE ORIGINAL SCORE of the music for the judge or they will automatically be disqualified.
  2. Number the first measure of each new line of music.
  3. Memorization is not required, but encouraged for solo works.
  4. If performers are using music, they must be reading from an original score.  Photocopies are not allowed unless to avoid a page turn.
  5. Entrants are advised to supply their own page-turner if needed.
  6. Teachers may NOT turn pages for their own students.
  7. Performers may use a photocopied page to avoid an awkward page turn.


  1. Ambassadors are invited to perform in various concerts as a representative of ADMTA. These concerts are announced as soon as final plans are arranged during the school year. Students are notified and should promptly reply as to their availability so the chair can determine the final program.
  2. The 2019-2020 concert schedule will include:
  3. YOUTH MUSIC AMBASSADORS are also encouraged on various occasions to share their thoughts and feelings about the benefits of music study, why they like to learn classical music as well as talk about their community service.
  4. A parent release form will need to be completed by chosen Ambassadors before the first concert. Publicity about the benefit concerts and the performers may appear in the media (local and social).
  5. Students receive points for outstanding student awards as follows:  10 points for participation, 20 points if selected as an ambassador, and 10 points for each AYMA concert in which the student performs.


  1. All students chosen as Ambassadors will be invited to perform on the Winners’ Recital.
  2. Students should plan to play ONE piece they performed at the audition or during an AYMA concert during the year.


  1. Please complete the AYMA application online.
  2. Changes to the repertoire selection are not accepted after the registration deadline.
  3. Event chairs will notify teachers of the student’s scheduled playing time as soon as possible before the auditions.
  4. Registration should be completed by midnight on the day of the deadline. There is a two-day grace period after the deadline with a $15.00 late fee.

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