February 27, 2021
Registration deadline: February 24 @ 12:00 pm

This Event will take place via GetAcceptd. Please refer to emails sent from ADMTA communications close to the event registration opening.

Students of member teachers: $20. Students of non-member teachers: $40 plus $50 non-member teacher fee

Student receives: Critique, Certificate & Ribbon

Festival Registration will take place on GetAcceptd.com


See more information about options for “no rating” and “special needs” entries in Festival Guide and the Special Needs Guide for festivals.


  1. Entrants must play one piece each from the Baroque Era (1600-1750) and one piece from the Classical Era (1750-1830).
  2. Students are encouraged to choose from standard repertoire; however, this is not a requirement. See rule 6 below.
  3. Transitional composers may be listed in more than one period and may be used for either era at the discretion of the teacher.  Please check the  composer’s list.  Students should not use the same composer for both pieces.
  4. Contact the Repertoire Committee prior to registration regarding any composers who are not on the list to confirm the era. The Composers list is a guide and does not include ALL composers in each era.
  5. Pieces by current pedagogical composers (Alfred, Faber, Gillock, Rollin, etc.) in the style of the Baroque and Classical eras may be substituted for standard repertoire. Such compositions are usually published after 1950 and identified as literature intended for students. Repertoire by standard composers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries writing in earlier styles or forms (for example, a Prelude and Fugue by Mendelssohn, a Sonatina by Kabalevsky, Ravel’s Menuet Antique or Miaskovsky’s Fugue in Classic Style) does not count as “pedagogical” literature.
  6. Transcriptions or arrangements of Baroque literature by later composers will be considered as compositions belonging to the style period of the transcriber or arranger. For example, Charles Gounod’s Ave Maria (based on Bach’s Prelude in C major) is a Romantic, not a Baroque composition.
  7. Arrangements and simplifications are NOT allowed except transcriptions by period composers. (Example: a transcription by J.S. Bach of a concerto movement by Vivaldi.) Please check with the Repertoire Committee. for approval prior to registration.
  8. Pianists, vocalists and instrumentalists are eligible to enter.


  1. The festival chair in consultation with the Repertoire Committee will screen the repertoire entries.
  2. Please consult the Repertoire Committee. if you have any questions about your repertoire choices prior to registration.


  1. Students must provide original music for the judge or they will automatically receive a “no rating”.
  2. Number the first measure of each new line of the music.
  3. Both pieces MUST be memorized.


  1. Students must fulfill the Musicianship Requirements . Review this Musicianship Requirements document carefully. Be prepared to input the musicianship levels at the time of registration.
  2. Levels are indicated on the critique sheet as chosen during online registration. (Example: 1-A, 2-B, 3-D, etc.)
  3. The judge is to drop the final performance rating one degree (S to S-, S- to E+, etc.) if the requirement is performed unacceptably. Unacceptable can mean wrong notes, poor fingering, lack of pulse, or only one scale played.
  4. If an entrant chooses to omit the requirement, the final performance rating may not exceed E+.


  1. Teachers are responsible for registering their student eligible for honors recital 4 online.
  2. Check the Honors Recital section for dates, deadlines and chairs under the recitals section.
  3. There is no cost for honors recitals, but there is a two-day grace period after the deadline with a late fee of $15.00 and the treasurer will bill you.
  4. Preference for early or late concerts may be selected, but cannot be guaranteed.

Registration for this event ended February 24, 2021 @ 6:00 pm.

To edit a registration, click on the registration's Edit link, then after the page re-loads, the Register tab. To delete a registration, click on the registration's Delete link, then OK in the confirmation popup. Please note that registrations cannot be edited after the grace period. If any problems, please contact assist@admta.org by the end of the grace period.

Registration for this event ended March 1, 2021 @ 6:00 pm.
Please sure to check the total amount to verify you are paying what is expected. You must be a signed-in guest or member to register for this event.