Local Chair submits entries to state. Entry fee: $25.00

See non-TMTA teachers and student fees in TMTA handbook.

Non-ADMTA member teacher pays double student entry fees.

For further information about the TMTA Student Affiliate Ensemble Program, please check the TMTA Handbook found at www.tmta.org. For local deadlines and fees, please contact the local chair Jeannie.

2019 ENSEMBLE REPERTOIRE will be announced in the newsletter by November and posted in several weekly email Student Events announcements.

One-Time Contribution

ADMTA offers dozens of music educational programs as part of our mission to advance knowledge and skills in the field of music.  Offerings include festivals, contests, theory and history exams, ensemble teams, honors recitals and out-reach concerts.  ADMTA can continue to encourage area  music students with scholarships, awards and stipends thanks to your support.

The committee organizes student participation in ensembles at the state convention in June.  Rehearsals start 4 to 6 weeks before convention.  For more information or questions contact local chair, Jeannie.


  1. Students must be enrolled in Student Affiliate before they can be enrolled in any TMTA SA Ensemble. Any student of a TMTA teacher who participates in this event prior to enrolling as a member is subject to processing fees.
  2. All students in grades 1-12 must have passed an appropriate state-graded theory test.
  3. Young Artist (Post-12) is defined as a music student of any age, not engaged in the profession of teaching or performing.
  4. A student not participating in the local association’s ensemble may become an assisting member of another association’s ensemble.
  5. No student may be a member of more than one ensemble group unless special permission has been given by the TMTA SA Ensemble Coordinator, or as stipulated in No. 4 under Ensemble Requirements.

General Information

  1. All ensemble members must play from memory.
  2. All auxiliary instruments and props used with an ensemble must receive TMTA SA Ensemble Coordinator approval prior to the convention. Ensembles must provide all auxiliary instruments and equipment including chairs and stands. No props or auxiliary instruments may be placed on the pianos. No rearranging of piano benches is allowed.
  3. Teachers and/or directors are not allowed to play any instrument during the performance.
  4. All directors must pay the teacher registration fee for the convention.
  5. Directors shall sit at the end of the exit row during the rehearsals and programs. Directors are responsible for the conduct of ensemble members. Students must be supervised at all times. Students are not allowed to have food or candy.
  6. All members of ensemble teams are required to be present at the beginning of the program and to remain with their director throughout. Any student who leaves before the end of the program will be disqualified from state ensemble participation the following year. Ensembles will be subject to possible disqualification the following year if a student or director leaves before the end of the program. Permission cards for early program release or late admission may be obtained from the coordinator for students participating in another convention event.
  7. The ensemble coordinator has discretion as to the procedure for bowing at the program.
  8. “The Star-Spangled Banner” by Francis Scott Key, may be played on each High School/Young Artist (Post-12) Ensemble program by directors on the program. The arrangement by Carol Masson, available from Warner Bros. Publications (#PA9528) is required.
  9. “Texas, Our Texas” by Wm. J. Marsh, may be played at each of the Texas/American Composer programs by directors on the program. The arrangement by Carol Masson is required.


The TMTEF Trustees supervise these awards.

  1. An ensemble award consisting of an engraved plaque and cash award of $100 will be presented to any StudentAffiliate member who has participated in SA ensembles at the state convention for nine years. A student participating for 10, 11, or 12 years will be awarded a bar to add to the plaque and will receive a cash award of $100. A certificate will be awarded to students participating past 12 years.
  2. The Elizabeth Morris Ensemble Award consisting of a plaque and $300 will be presented to any Student Affiliate who is a graduating senior and has participated in ensembles for 12 years. These award recipients will not be given the additional $100 for the 12-year award. Young Artist (Post-12) students are not eligible for the Elizabeth Morris Award.
  3. Any student who has participated in state ensemble from five to 12 years will receive a recognition ribbon to attach to their convention badge.
  4. The application for the monetary awards is found at TMTA.org and should be submitted by the student’s teacher or local association chair by the deadline at the back of this book. The student’s photo should be uploaded using the ensemble award form. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  5. If a student who has applied for an award does not participate in the convention ensemble no award will be presented. It is the director’s responsibility to notify the ensemble coordinator of the student’s absence.
  6.  Students who were eligible for an ensemble award previously and did not receive it may submit an application for both years.

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