October 3, 2020
Registration deadline: October 2 @ 6:59 am

Location: Choose

Students of member teachers: $30.00. Students of non-member teachers: $40 plus $50 non-member teacher fee

Student receives:  Critique, Certificate & Ribbon

To complete registration go to: admta.getacceptd.com

ADMTA IS GREEN: 1. No registration forms need to be mailed to chairs. 2. No receipts need to be mailed to treasurer.



  1. Entrants must play two contrasting pieces in jazz, pop or rock style.
  2. UNIQUE to JPR: The two pieces may be by the same composer as long as they are contrasting.
  3. Improvisation is encouraged, but charts must be provided for the judge.
  4. Arrangements are allowed, but the arrangement must come from a recognized publisher or recognized digital download site.


  1. Students must upload scanned copies of original scores for the judge, or they will receive a “no rating.”
  2. Number the first measure of each new line in the music.
  3. Students may NOT use their music or charts.
  4. Both pieces MUST be memorized.

Please sure to check the total amount to verify you are paying what is expected. You must be a signed-in guest or member to register for this event.