2017-2018 TMTA June Leondar Chamber Music/Ensemble Contest Winners

Repertoire Approval Deadline:  March 1, 2019

Entry Deadline: April 15, 2019
Students of TMTA members: $10 per student
Students of non-TMTA members: $20

Any questions or concerns regarding convention activities should be submitted via email to office.tmta@gmail.com by teachers only.


  1.  Student Affiliate membership is not required for this activity.
  2. There is no theory requirement.


The June Leondar Chamber Music/Ensemble Contest’s goals are to promote interest and education in original classical literature, to encourage, support and provide more opportunity for collaborative arts, and to provide additional opportunities for students to compete at the state level.

Three categories for the contest

  1.  piano duets/duos (classical repertoire only)
  2. duo and mixed chamber groups (classical repertoire only)
  3. jazz/pop ensembles

Each category above has two grade divisions, grades 7-9 and grades 10-12.  Students must enter the category of the oldest member of their group.  Students younger than 7th grade may participate.

Participant requirements

  1.  Music ensembles shall be no less than two performers and no more than fifteen.
  2. An ensemble member may not enter in more than one ensemble per category.
  3. Students may enter more than one category, but may play piano in only one category.
  4. Students may not enter in two grade divisions.
  5. Participants of a winning ensemble in this contest may not reenter this contest with identical participants the following year.
  6. Any conductor must be a student performing in the ensemble.
  7. Pianists may utilize page turners but the page turner must not be the student’s private teacher nor the ensemble coach.
  8. Performance times will be emailed to teachers in May.
  9. Requests for any changes should be submitted by the teacher. No parental requests will be accepted.Once times have been assigned, changes to the schedule will be made only if vacancies are available and only if the student has time conflicts with other convention events.


  1. Selection of chamber literature from the MTNA repertoire list and preapproval of repertoire is highly recommended.
  2. Selections may be music for combinations of brass, piano, guitar, strings, and wind instruments, voices, or percussion instruments and may include any number of pieces or movements.
  3. Memorization is not required. Students must provide their own music stands.
  4. All music used in the June Leondar Contest must be original copies of published, copyrighted works:  a)  This does not include self-published compositions by teachers or coaches.  b)  All student performers are required to use original printed music.  c)  All contestants must supply one original score of the work or works being performed for the judge.  d)  Copying an entire score or performable segment of a work (such as a movement) is not considered fair use and constitutes copyright infringement.  e)  Requests for exceptions to this rule should be made to the chair in advance of the contest date.  f)  Out-of-print scores must be accompanied by written authorization from the publisher giving permissionto copy.
  5. The time limit is 10 minutes.  Entrants who exceed this limit will be stopped but not disqualified.  Use of the full 10 minutes is highly recommended.
  6. Music must be performed as written. Cuts in the music are not permitted. Repeats are left to the discretion of the ensemble.

Special instructions for piano duos/duets

  1.  Repertoire presented must be major pieces by well-known classical composers such as Mozart, Schubert, Brahms, Dvorak, Debussy, etc.
  2. Arrangements and transcriptions are not allowed unless they are by the original composer.
  3. Repertoire must be performed as written. Parts may NOT be doubled.
  4.  The same students may not perform the same piece in both an SA Ensemble Program and the June Leondar Contest.
  5. Two pianos (acoustic) will be provided.

Special instructions for instrumental ensembles

  1.  Selections must be written as chamber music with one player to a part.
  2. The piano part may not be an orchestral reduction.
  3. Original literature is preferred but transcriptions and arrangements may be allowed at the discretion of the contest chair. Arrangements must not be simplifications.
  4. If necessary, other instruments may be substituted for the ones indicated in the original score. For this purpose only may a part be transposed.
  5. No other changes or cuts may be made except omitting repeats for reasons of time.

Special instructions for jazz/pop ensembles

  1. Selections must be published arrangements for small ensembles.
  2. Jazz by definition may include improvisation. Players do not need to adhere strictly to a printed score, but every performer in a jazz ensemble must use a printed part or chart as a basis for his or her performance.

Procedures and Fees

  1.  June Leondar Contest entries and payments must be submitted by the deadline.
  2. Instructions and forms are provided at tmta.org. These forms must be filled out completely by the teacher (not by a parent) and submitted by the deadline.
  3.  Entry fees should be collected and paid by the teacher (not by a parent). Entry fees are nonrefundable. Each ensemble will have one designated coach. Coaches who are TMTA members do not need to pay an additional fee. Coaches who are not TMTA members will pay the nonmember fee.
  4. Each teacher is responsible for ensuring that every submission requirement is met on all forms before submitting the entries to TMTA. No changes of repertoire or participants will be allowed.

The TMTEF Trustees supervise these awards:

  1. Awards may be given for every category of the June Leondar Chamber Music/Ensemble Contest. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places and honorable mentions in each division may be awarded at the discretion of the judges. There will be no ties in any category under any circumstances.
  2. All contestants will receive a participation certificate.
  3. A certificate will be given to each member of an ensemble receiving 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place or honorable mention.
  4. 1st place ensembles may perform at the award presentation.
  5. Cash awards are given to the entire ensemble, not to each individual participant.First Place winning ensemble: $100 Second Place winning ensemble: $75 Third Place winning ensemble: $50