TMTA SA Original Composition Contest

Chair:  Russell Reed,  (send large files to google drive to this email).
Local Chair submits entries to state. Entry fee: $15.00
State fee: Check TMTA Handbook ($15.00 S1 – S 12; $20 Div E, EP, L, LP)
Submit both local and state fees at the time of the local contest.
See non-TMTA teachers and student fees in TMTA handbook.
Non-ADMTA teachers pay double student entry fees.

IMPORTANT:  SA Enrollment at is required. See deadlines for registering at  For more information or questions contact local chair,  Russell.

The purpose of the local contest is to encourage creativity and self-expression in student musicians through the art of composing and to recognize their achievements, as well as the significant work of their teachers.

This contest provides a professional critique of each student’s compositional skills which may be used to edit their compositions before sending them to the state contest.

Certificates and cash awards are given at the local level to 1st ($50.00) , 2nd ($35.00), and 3rd ($20.00) place winners in each category. Honorable Mentions are at the discretion of the judge. Judges may declare there is no winner and the decision of the judge is final.


  1. Students must be registered for Student Affiliate
  2. Students must have passed the appropriate theory test.
  3. See TMTA handbook under the theory section for the lowest grade level test
  4. Students may take either the fall or spring test.



  1. For complete information, read the TMTA Member Handbook regarding the contest.
  2. Entries may be composed for ANY medium.
  3. Compositions may be entered in any of the ten divisions, which are based on school grade.


  1. Submit only ONE copy of the score of each composition (solo or ensemble). The manuscript should NOT contain any personal information.
  2. OPTIONAL: Submit computer-generated scores but these are not required by state.
  3. Manuscripts should be on 8.5 x 11 inch paper.
  4. Do NOT send original manuscripts.
  5. Please include the composition title centered on all pages, division in upper right-hand corner or all pages and page numbering starting with 2 in the upper right-hand corner.
  6. All measures must be numbered, either by bar or by system. This will help ensure the manuscript is adequately prepared for submitting to the state contest.
  7. Note: The PDF or MUS files for the manuscript required for submission to the LOCAL contest should match the STATE contest requirements found in the TMTA handbook and be emailed to the local chair.  Large files via google drive to chair email.
  8. The Audio files required for the state contest do NOT have to be submitted for the local contest.  However it is IMPORTANT to note for the state contest, the chair must have audio files to submit by January 5 for E (if 3 or more voices) & L (10 or more voices) which will require a WAV or MP3 file to submit. Large files send via google drive to chair email.
  9. Read details about submission to the state contest in the TMTA Member Handbook and prepare manuscripts marked, as instructed, as well as any required files for the local chair to forward to the state contest.


  1. Complete and email to the local chair, by the LOCAL entry deadline of October 10, 2018. Large files send via google drive.
  2. A critique sheet will be generated by the local chair for the local contest.
  3. Prepare and mark manuscripts as instructed in the TMTA handbook.
  4. No audio files for local contest, but see IMPORTANT audio files requirements for the state contest.
  5. One check for local fees AND state fees due at time of local deadline of October 10, 2018
  6. Check TMTA handbook at for state fees. $15 for S1-SP12; $20 for E, EP, L, LP.
  7. Please include local contest fees with the state contest fees in ONE check.
  8. NOTE: The teacher should collect the fees from their students and send one check for local entries made payable to ADMTA and mail to ADMTA, P.O. Box 1892, Cedar Park, TX 78630.

Contact ADMTA local chair if any questions about the state contest. Complete and email to the local chair by the local association’s state contest entry deadline of January 2, 2019. If large files send via google drive to the chair’s email. NOTE: All entries for the state contest are forwarded to state by the local chair.

  1. Prepare & mark manuscripts as instructed in TMTA handbook as PDF or MUS files and audio file if applicable. Note manuscripts may be handwritten or computer generated, but must be sent via email as a PDF or MUS file.  Share large files through google drive with the local chair via email.
  2. If you have no revisions since the local contest please notify the chair. Either way, you will need to email either the original manuscript from the local contest or a revised copy of the manuscripts as a PDF or MUS file along with any applicable audio files by January 2, 2019.
  3. NOTE: The check for local and state fees are due at time of the local deadline of October 10, 2018.
  4. Students MUST enter the local contest to enter the state contest. Compositions in the local contest do NOT have to be winners to enter state contests. The rating received at the local level does not determine eligibility to enter the state contest.
  5. Cash awards are given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place state winners and 1st and 2nd place state winners are invited to perform at the TMTA SA Original Composition Recital at the state convention. See TMTA handbook at
  6. Winners of the state contest are encouraged to enter their composition in the MTNA Composition Competition by visiting with a deadline in September.
  7. More information about the MTNA Composition Contest is at under competitions section.


  1. HONORS RECITAL SIX – Winners (1st, 2nd 3rd & HM) of the local contest may play or have their compositions performed on the Winners Recital. This follows policies similar to TMTA where there are no restrictions concerning performers of the winning composition. Only live performances are accepted and performers for ensemble works must be arranged by the composer. Both ADMTA and non-ADMTA-affiliated teachers, other musicians and students may perform a student’s composition at any level. (See section including honors recitals further information, such as date, time, location and registration). Registration: complete through by May 15, 2019 deadline. No forms or fees.
  • Location: Steinway Piano Gallery, 12980 N. Hwy 183, Austin, TX 78750
  • Date: Saturday, June 1, 2019.
  1. YOUNG COMPOSERS CONCERT – This provides an opportunity for all compositions entered at the local level to be performed and showcased to further encourage and inspire the art of composing. Registration: complete by by deadline Jan. 2, 2019. See registration instructions under Young Composers Concert found at under  Events/ADMTA section. Winners must provide their own musicians for this concert, and only live performances are allowed, except for ensembles meeting criteria under performance requirements for Young Composers Concert. If you need assistant finding musicians for an ensemble work, please contact the chair BEFORE the deadline. Teachers, parents, other adults or students may perform a student’s composition at any level. Student composers should be present at this concert in order for their compositions to be performed. Compositions for prepared piano are not to be performed at the request of piano companies providing instruments. See entry for Young Composers Concert with more details about this concert. For questions, contact the chair, Karol Ann Badgett,
  • Location: Steinway Piano Gallery, 12980 N. Hwy 183, Austin, TX 78750
  • Date: January 19, 2019
  • Time: 3:30 – 5:30 PM


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