TMTA SA Performance Contest (Local)

SA Enrollment at is required.  See deadlines and entry fees for the local SA Performance Contest at  For questions,  contact local chair, Julia.

Registration for the local contest will now have to be completed at  IMPORTANT: The form for the local contest provided on the TMTA site does NOT submit information to the local chair.

The latest instructions and deadlines for this event were posted on 12-16-2017.

2016-2017 TMTA SA Performance Contest Winners

TMTA SA Performance Contest

Deadline:  January 5, 2018 (Local Contest)
Event:  January 27, 2018 (Local Contest)

See deadlines for Regional and Semi-final entries to local chair in details below. 


Local Entry fee: $50.00 TOTAL ($25.00 entry fee per student, plus required $25.00 video fee for all categories except concerto). All fees including video fees are non-refundable. 

Concerto category is $25.00.  If selected as a local finalist, they advance automatically to state semi-finals and do not need the video for a regional contest.  Online payment is set to collect a total of $50.00 which includes the video fee, so payments for Concerto category will need to be made by CHECK for only $25.00.

Video: See TMTA handbook at to read more about the VIDEO OPTION for Region 2. All students will be videoed live at the local contest. No other videos will be accepted for the regional contest submission. Students who advance to regional must use the video option for Region 2.

Regional Entry fee: $25.00 (all categories) – fees are non-refundable.

State Semi-Final Fees ($40.00 ) all categories except concerto ($50.00) – fees are non-refundable.

See non-TMTA teachers and student fees in TMTA handbook. Non-ADMTA member teacher pays double student entry fees.

LOCATION: Steinway Piano Gallery, 12980 North Hwy.183 (Research Blvd.), Austin, TX 78750

TIME: Chair will send out assigned times the week before the event.


  1. Students must be registered for Student Affiliate.
  2. Students must have passed the appropriate theory test.
  3. See the lowest grade level test students may take for eligibility in this contest in the TMTA handbook under the theory section.
  4. Students may take either the fall or spring test.


For complete information, read “Performance Contests” in the TMTA Member Handbook posted at  AND carefully read all information under the “Student Activities/SA Performance” area at  Note: Local, Regional, Semi-Final and Final Contests should be consistent in their presentations.

TO ENTER LOCAL CONTEST: (read new registration process carefully)

  1. IMPORTANT UPDATE: The entry form for Local SA Performance Contest found at has changed and any information submitted using this form IS NOT received by the local chair.  Therefore, DO NOT use the form at for the local contest.
  2. All registrations associated with the local contest are now done at
  3. The teacher should collect the fees for the local contest for all their student entries and send one check made payable to ADMTA and mail to ADMTA, P.O. Box 163283, Austin, TX 78716.  Online payment is also available for all categories except concerto.

TO ENTER REGIONALS (as Local Finalist) OR STATE LEVEL (as Semi-Finalist)

  1. The fees for Regional and Semi-Final entries are in addition to the local contest entry and video fees. Check the TMTA Member Handbook for fees. 
  2. All entries for the Regional or Semi-finals are submitted by the local chair. 
  3. Deadlines the local chair must meet for the Regional or Semi-final entries  are posted at .
  4. Correction and Notice of Withdrawals are also posted at
  5. The local chair will always have earlier deadlines for the Regional and Semi-Final entries.
  6. For the 2017-18 regional contest, the deadline for submission to the local chair is February 7, 2018.  This deadline includes the necessary scanned scores for the video submission involved for regional 2.  Further instructions about registration for the regional contest will be sent prior to this deadline.
  7. For the 2017-18 semi-finals contest, the local deadline for submission to the local chair is March 21, 2018.  Please contact the local chair if any questions about registration for the semi-finals.
  8. The local chair follows the guidelines in the TMTA handbook for the number of local finalist in each division that may enter the Regional Contest based on Student Affiliate Enrollment number from the previous year, etc.


TMTA SA state regional finalists advancing to the state semi-finals in all divisions are eligible to play in Winners’ Recital.

Registration for this event ended January 7, 2018 @ 12:00 am.

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Registration for this event ended January 7, 2018 @ 12:00 am.
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