Students of member teachers: $25

Submit both fees with the local contest entry.  See non-TMTA teachers and student  fees in TMTA Handbook.  Non-ADMTA teachers pay double student entry fees.

IMPORTANT:  SA Enrollment at is required.  See deadlines for registering at  For more information or questions contact local chair, Alan Adams,



TMTA SA Publication Contest 2019-20 Guide

The purpose of this contest is to promote excellence in musical research and publication.


  1. Students must be registered for Student Affiliate.
  2. There is NO theory test requirement for the Publication Contest.


For complete information, read “Publication Competition” in the TMTA Member Handbook. Topics are listed in the TMTA Member Handbook and at


  1. The topics are purposefully broad to allow the student journalistic freedom of perspective.
  2. All articles should include a bibliography and discography citing the sources of information used in the paper.
  3. Students should take care to avoid plagiarism by rephrasing information from their sources.
  4. Quotations are acceptable but should be short and clearly cited as to author and source.
  5. Formal footnoting is acceptable but not required.
  6. The articles should be written so that others of the same age can read and comprehend them.


Complete the following registration by the LOCAL entry deadline Dec. 11, 2019

  1. Complete registration form for local contest at under Events/TMTA.
  2. Follow the submittal requirements in the TMTA Member Handbook regarding the form of the essay, hard copy and disk. This should be done for the local level as well as the state level.
  3. The teacher should collect the fees and send ONE check for all student entries for both local and state contest fees by the Dec. 11th deadline. Check should be made payable to ADMTA and mailed to ADMTA, P.O. Box 1892, Cedar Park, TX 78630


  1. It is recommended that articles are judged locally, but not required.
  2. Ratings earned at the local level do not affect entry eligibility in the state contest.
  3. Students may edit their essays using critiques given by the local judges before sending to state contest.
  4. Teachers must submit all entries for the state contest to the local chair by January 9, 2020.
  5. The local chair submits all entries to state contest.


Complete the following and email to the chair by the local associations’ state contest entry deadline:

  1. One Publication Application Contest form for each entry from
  2. For the state contest you must “Submit” one Publication Application form per student entered found on at
  3. You will receive an e-mail with an attached copy of your submitted form. Save this form for your records. Print a copy to send with the essay to your local publication chair by the local deadline for state entries.
  4. See further instructions about essay specifics in the TMTA handbook to include with the form.
  5. The check for local and state fees is due at time of the local deadline. (See above)
  6. Teachers should have already submitted state fees at the time of the local contest.
  7. It is strongly recommended that articles are judged locally before being submitted to state contest. The rating received at the local level (“IF” a local contest is held) does not determine eligibility to enter the state contest. Those earning lower than an Outstanding or Excellent at a local contest may enter the state contest.

Registration for this event ended December 11, 2020 @ 11:59 am.

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