Student Affiliate (SA) Enrollment

  • Student Affiliate (SA) Enrollment must be completed online through www.tmta.orgAll SA events require the student to be Student Affiliate enrolled once per academic year prior to the event in order to avoid state fines which are $15.00 per student record.
  • Please read the important instructions for enrollment found at under the student activities tab and attached below.
  • Type “2018-19 SA enrollment” in the notes section for EACH student’s record if you want this student to become a permanent record for 2018-19 academic year.  Note special instructions for “transfer” students and important DEADLINES for fall theory and spring theory.
  • For technical problems with the TMTA website, complete the contact form for Abby at
  • General questions about SA Enrollment, contact .  Please allow 24 – 48 hours for a response.

TMTA 2018-2019 SA Enrollment Tips and Instructions. Read additional information below. 

IMPORTANT SA ENROLLMENT ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Please read the information below carefully if you have a student participating in a SA event this spring (i.e., SA spring theory, SA world of music, SA ensemble, SA performance, SA composition, SA publication or video essay). 


8/24/2018- * 9/21/2018 9/22/2018 – * 1/11/2019 1/12/2019 – * 3/29/2019
$18 SA Enrollment Fee per student $22 SA Enrollment Fee per student $25 SA Enrollment Fee per student
* Not enrolling by deadline at for students in fall theory may result in $15.00 state fine per student record. * Not enrolling by deadline at for students in spring theory may result in $15.00 state fine per student record. * Not enrolling by this deadline at for students in WOM may result in $15.00 fine per student record.


If a teacher enters a student in ANY student affiliate event BEFORE they are SA enrolled at, they risk incurring a state fine of $15.00 or disqualification for the participating student.  It is important to follow ADMTA deadlines outlined for SA Enrollment for associated Student Affiliate Events such as fall theory, spring theory and WOM tests.

  1. Fees increase on date indicated and there is no grace period.
  2. No fees for SA enrollments are accepted by TMTA.
  3. All fees for SA enrollments will be collected for TMTA by ADMTA as the local association.
  4. ADMTA will invoice teachers for amounts due according to enrollment dates listed above.
  5. SA enrollment includes both state and local fees.
  6. SA enrollment fees are non-refundable.
  7. Questions about SA Enrollment payments, contact ADMTA Treasurer, Jodi, at