NOTE:  Due to the closing of UT and shelter-in-place order in effect in the area, the format of this event has changed for the Spring 2020.  Registration for this event will be through another platform, and students will submit their performances by video.  

The ADMTA Executive Board has decided to proceed with this event in a non-competitive format. Students will still have the opportunity to perform their prepared repertoire and receive a critique and a rating.

  • The deadlines for all submissions will be midnight of APRIL 24th. The registration /application is done all in one place—in GETACCEPTD, where you can register, pay, and upload your videos and scores all by the deadline of April 24.
  • Students will be eligible to receive ratings similar to Texas UIL solo contests. For this year only, given our unique circumstances,  there will NOT be a “1st place, 2nd place, or 3rd place” given by the judge. Similar to UIL format, the judges can award numerical ratings, judging each performance on its own merit. Judges will also have the discretion to award one or more Outstanding Performers” within each grade level.
  • All repertoire requirements for these events remain the same as described in the yearbook.
  • The entry fee will be ($30.00).
  • The repertoire requirements are at the teacher’s discretion.


This is a grade level event and is open to pianists, singers or instrumentalists  in grades 6-8.   Students must enter at their grade level (cannot enter above or below grade level.    


  1.  In each grade level, entrants are allotted 12 minutes maximum for their performance.
  2. The chosen repertoire may exceed the time limit, but the judge has discretion to stop the performer without penalty.


  1. The program is at the discretion of the entrant, but MUST include at least two pieces from different style periods.    One piece MUST be from the Baroque or Classical periods
  2. Pieces programmed should be within the time limits. If a program exceeds the time limits, the judge may stop the performance, but the performer will not be penalized.
  3. Concerto Performances are not permitted.
  4. Repeats are left to the discretion of entrant.
  5. All pieces MUST be memorized.


Please follow the instructions provided by the EVENT CHAIR.  See ADMTA Administrative assistant,
Farshad Zadeh,  Event Chair





Registration for this event begins April 7, 2021 @ 11:00 am.

To edit a registration, click on the registration's Edit link, then after the page re-loads, the Register tab. To delete a registration, click on the registration's Delete link, then OK in the confirmation popup. Please note that registrations cannot be edited after the grace period. If any problems, please contact by the end of the grace period.

Registration for this event begins April 7, 2021 @ 11:00 am.
Please sure to check the total amount to verify you are paying what is expected. You must be a signed-in guest or member to register for this event.