November 2, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Registration deadline: October 9 @ 11:59 pm

Location: 242

Students of member teachers: $35. Students of non-member teachers: $70 plus $50 non-member teacher fee



It is the goal of this competition to familiarize our students with the four musical styles (Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary) and the representative composers within those styles. Top honors will go to the students who show the highest level of musical and technical polish of the chosen works.


This contest is open to students in grades 1 through 12 whose teachers are members of ADMTA or pay non-member teacher and student entry fees as listed.


  1. Students can enter only one grade level each year.
  2. Students can not enter a level BELOW their school grade.
  3. Students may enter at their current grade level or one grade level higher.
  4. Students below 1st grade may not enter.  Students above 12th grade may not enter.
  5. If a student chooses a REQUIRED piece from one grade level higher than their current grade,  then the student will compete on that level.


  1. Entrants must choose and perform one solo piece from the options by grade level found on the Solo Contest Repertoire list below.
  2. Certain editions may be listed under each title as an aid to finding the pieces.
  3. Teachers may use other editions.
  4. Students perform only this chosen piece, with no optional or additional pieces.


  1. Music must be memorized.
  2. Students must provide original music for the judge or they will be disqualified.
  3. Number the first measure for each line of the music.
  4. Repeats are left to the discretion of the student.


  1. The schedule is randomized for each grade level contest, so requests for time changes are not accepted.
  2. At this time, the contest is NOT open to the public due to facilities space limitations. If facility space allows for all levels to have an audience, then teachers will be notified.
  3. Entrants perform for a judge and all decisions of the judges are final.
  4. Ties are NOT permitted.
  5. The judges will be instructed to make their decisions based upon the degree of polish and understanding the student brings to the piece rather than on the difficulty of the selected piece.
  6. If any division or grade level of a contest has five or fewer entries, the judge may (but is not obliged to) withhold one or more possible awards. However, the total number of awards cannot exceed the number of contestants.
  7. If a contestant cannot attend, the chair should be notified in advance.


  1.  First, second, third place and honorable mention may be given at each grade level.
  2. No ties are permitted.
  3. Judge may declare there is no winner and the decision of the judge is final.
  4. First, second, and third place winners receive trophies.  Honorable mentions receive a certificate.  Honorable Mention designees do not qualify to play on an Honors Recital.
  5.  There will be NO award announcements on the day of the contest.  All awards will be presented at the Honors Recital 2 when the Solo Contest winners perform.  The chair of Honor Recital 2 will send the playing schedule via email as soon as possible.


  1.  All parts of the application must be completed by the deadline.
  2. Registration should be completed by midnight on the day of the deadline. There is a two-day grace period after the deadline with a $15.00 late fee; the treasurer will send an invoice for the late fee.


Grade 1 –Choose one Baroque selection from the following:

From Little Suite in Baroque Style by William Gillock
From Keith Snell Essential Repertoire level 1 Baroque and Classical
Allemande by Schein
Minuet in G by Telemann
Gavotte in C by Telemann
Minuet in C by Rameau
From The Festival Collection! Book 1 edited by Helen Marlais
Old German Dance by Praetorius
Canary by Van den Hove
Petit Menuet by Geoffroy
PetIt Rondo by Geoffroy
Intrtata by Peuerl

Grade 2 –Choose one Baroque/Classical selection from the following:

From Piano Repertoire: Baroque/Classical Level 2 edited by Keith Snell
German Dance by Haydn
Minuet by Haydn
Minuet in F, K. 2 by Mozart
Minuet in C, K. 6 by Mozart
Sonatina in C by Latour
Two Ecossaises (both) by Beethoven
Two Russian Folk Songs (both) by Beethoven
Sonatina in G: Moderato by Beethoven
Sonatina in G: Romanza by Beethoven
From Anna Magdalena Notebook by JS Bach
Minuet in G – choose one of the 3
Minuet in G minor
Polonaise in G minor (not the one with parallel 6ths)
Musette in D Major

Grade 3 –Choose one Romantic selection from the following:

25 Progressive Pieces by Burgmuller
Preludes in Romantic Style by William Gillock
From Keith Snell Piano Repertoire Level 3 Romantic and Contemporary
Old French Song by Tchaikovsky
Soldier’s March by Tchaikovsky
Waltz in A by Schubert.
From Album for the Young by Schumann
Humming Song
Happy Farmer
Wild Rider
Little Study
First Loss
Reaper’s Song

Grade 4 –Choose one Contemporary selection from the following:

30 Pieces for Children by Kabalevsky
Reaching Out (early intermediate and intermediate) by Emma Lou Diemer
Ten Easy Piano Pieces by Bartok – Dover edition, Piano Music of Bela Bartok Series
From Piano Repertoire: Romantic & Contemporary 20th Century Level 4 edited by Keith Snell
Love Song by Bartok
Jeering Song by Bartok
The Grasshoppers Wedding by Bartok
Ivan Sings by Khatchaturian
From Sketches in Color by Robert Starer

Grade 5 –Choose one Classical selection from the following:

Sonatina in C major op. 55 #3 (First or Second Movement) by Kuhlau
Sonatina in C Major op. 20 #1 – Rondo – Kuhlau
Sonatina in G major op. 55 #2 (First or Third movement) by Kuhlau
Sonatina in G Major op.36 #2 (First or Third movement) by Clementi
Sonatina in C Major op. 36 #3 (First or Third movement) by Clementi
Sonatina in F Major op. 36 #4 (First or Third movement) by Clementi
From Faber and Faber collection “Piano Sonatinas” Book 3 – Late Intermediate
Sonatina in F by Beethoven – either movement
Sonatina in C by Lichner – 1st or 3rd
Sonatina in C by Fritz Spindler – 1 or 2
Sonatina in A minor by Benda
Sonatina in D by Matthew Camidge – 1st or 2nd

Grade 6–Choose one Baroque selection from the following:

Any Two Part Invention by JS Bach

Grade 7–Choose one Romantic selection from the following:

Any selection from Lyric Pieces by Edvard Grieg
Songs Without Words – Mendelssohn – choose one of the following
Op. 19 #1,2, 4, 6
Op. 30 #3, 5
Op. 67 #5

Grade 8–Choose one Baroque selection from the following:

Any sonata by Domenico Scarlatti

Grade 9–Choose one Classical selection from the following:

Any movement from a Haydn or Mozart sonata

Grade 10–Choose one Romantic selection from the following:

Any Nocturne by Chopin

Grade 11–Choose one Baroque selection from the following:

Any Prelude and Fugue from the Well-Tempered Clavier of J.S. Bach

Grade 12–Choose one Classical selection from the following:

Any Beethoven sonata movement from op. 2, 7, 10, 13, 14, 22, 26, 27, 28 or 31

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