February 28, 2021
Registration deadline: February 3 @ 6:00 pm

Location: Steinway Piano Gallery

Students of member teachers: $50. Students of non-member teachers: $50

Student may receive one or more of the following: trophies, performing in Winners’ Recital



The Steinway Piano Gallery Concerto Competition provides an opportunity for outstanding young pianists to study and perform concerto repertoire. The recipients of the awards are chosen by preliminary and final auditions. The auditions are given under the auspices of the Austin District Music Teachers Association and Steinway Piano Gallery of Austin.


The auditions are open to any currently enrolled elementary, junior high, or high school students up to and including age 18 (age determined as of February 10th) who live in Texas, or students of any teacher who lives in Texas.

There are three grade/age divisions:

  •  Elementary Division: 1st through 5th grade, or maximum age 11 (age determined as of February 10th).
  • Junior Division: 6th through 8th grade, or maximum age 14 (age determined as of February 10th).
  • Senior Division: 9 through 12th grade, or maximum age 18 (age determined as of February 10th).


Please read rules and regulations before applying. You will need the following information to complete the application:

  1. Teacher name, address, email and phone number
  2. Student contact information with parent’s name, address, email and phone number
  3. Student’s full name, date of birth, school, grade, composition title & movement, composer, and exact performance time at the student’s performance tempo.
  4. Accompanist’s name


  1. Contestants may choose ANY movement of a concerto or a complete work written originally for solo piano and orchestra.  Transcriptions and arrangements are not acceptable. So-called student or teaching concertos that do not have an available orchestration are not acceptable. Questions about the suitability of repertoire should be addressed to the Chair and Asst. Chair prior to the auditions.
  2. Accompanists may make cuts in orchestral tuttis for reasons of time. No cuts, simplifications or omissions in solo parts are permitted unless sanctioned by the composer. If cadenzas are indicated in the score but not included (as in many classical concertos), one of the contestant’s choice must be played.
  3. Once repertoire has been submitted no changes are allowed.
  4. All solo selections must be memorized.
  5. The time limit for all categories is 15 minutes. Orchestral tuttis may be cut in order to stay within the limit. No cuts may be made in any solo part. 
  6. Failure to meet the above guidelines may result in disqualification from consideration for awards.


  1. Students must provide a numbered original score (the orchestral part may be reduced for piano) for the judge.
  2. Contestants must be available for audition during their division’s time period. The schedule is randomized for each grade level contest, so requests for time changes are not accepted. If a contestant cannot attend, the chair should be notified in advance.
  3. Contestants may be stopped during their audition so that the judge may stay on schedule. This should not be taken as any judgment on the performance.
  4. Contestants are responsible for their own accompanists. Accompanists must also use original scores, not photocopies.  Failure to provide original music where required may result in disqualification from consideration for awards.
  5. Teachers may accompany their students or other students.
  6. Preliminary auditions: the number of contestants selected as finalists is at the judge’s discretion. There may be no finalists in a contest if the judges’ decision is that no one is qualified.  A judge may also declare a contest concluded and choose first, second and third prize winners after one round if he or she deems it appropriate.
  7. The decision of the judge will be final. Contestants, contestants’ teachers, contestants’ accompanist or parents may not communicate with the judges during the course of the competition. Improper communication between contestants, teachers, parents or accompanists and judges may result in a contestant’s disqualification.


  1.  Winners are chosen at the discretion of the judges. Judges may withhold one or more prizes if in their opinion no contestants are qualified to receive them. The judges’ decision in any contest is final.
  2. Cash awards and trophies will be given to first, second and third place winners. Honorable mentions may be awarded at the discretion of the judges.  Honorable Mention designates in any round are not eligible to perform on an Honors Recital. No ties are permitted for cash prizes.
  3. All Winners and are eligible to play on Winners’ Recital whether their teacher is a member of ADMTA or not.  Teachers may accompany their students on the Honors Recital.


  1.  All parts of the application must be completed by the deadline.
  2. Registration should be completed by midnight on the day of the deadline. There is a two-day grace period after the deadline with a $15.00 late fee; the treasurer will bill you the late fee.

Registration for this event ended February 6, 2021 @ 12:00 am.

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