February 8 @ 6:00 pm – February 9, 2020 @ 1:00 am
Registration deadline: January 9 @ 5:59 am

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$20 per student for theory registration (SA enrollment is required and fees are separate). For more information about SA enrollment fees and deadlines see:

To complete registration see tabs below. Use “PRINT” icon to print “DETAILS” tab.  Use “MONITOR” tab to input monitor preference.  Use “PAY” tab to pay by credit card or indicate mailing a check to: ADMTA, P.O. Box 1892, Cedar Park, TX 78630.

ADMTA IS GREEN: 1. No registration forms need to be mailed to chairs. 2. No receipts need to be mailed to treasurer.



TMTA SA THEORY TESTS – more information at this link.  Also see the TMTA Handbook with the most recent guidelines for the academic year. For further questions about theory email theory chair, sukyeewoo@yahoo.com.

Monitor Preference:  due to the large number of monitors needed for this event all teachers with student registrations are expected to monitor. Exemptions are NOT applicable for this event.

SA ENROLLMENT REQUIRED:     Your must enroll your student in TMTA Student Affiliate at  www.tmta.org.  This is required for all students taking the theory test.

ADMTA local SA membership dues and submission deadlines are listed in our yearbook and online.    For questions about SA enrollment email studentaffiliate@admta.org

Non ADMTA member teachers’ students: Eligibility for TMTA Student Affiliate Events is determined by the state. As a local association we have deadlines and local fees for event registration. Non-members should email for further instructions at least one week before the local deadline listed for the event registration. ADMTA charges an additional processing fee per student for TMTA member teachers who are not members of ADMTA.  Please also check the TMTA Handbook for state-associated fees and deadlines.

THEORY Fees for Changes/Corrections: Late registrations after the two-day grace period are not accepted. Changes or corrections for registered student’s name, spelling of name, grade level, test level, etc. after the theory registration deadline and grace period will be charged a $15.00 processing fee per student. If changes/corrections to test level are AFTER the tests have been ordered, there is no guarantee they can be accommodated. Please notify the theory chair as soon as you discover an error since this can be time sensitive to get updated information to state.


There are no make-ups for theory tests in the fall or the spring. Teachers should plan carefully whether their students will test in the Fall or in the Spring.

The only exception may be if the student is involved in a TMTA or MTNA event that falls on the theory testing date.  Contact the theory chair  before the registration deadline should this occur. Please be aware that there are NO guarantees in this case that a make-up can be scheduled due to the complexities of facilities, state deadlines, etc.

Students who are working toward 12-year awards should take advantage of the Fall Theory test to make sure they retain their eligibility for those awards.


If a student is testing from another association the teacher should read the testing out of association instructions carefully.  Students registered with ADMTA for SA Enrollment who chose to test in another TMTA district must also register with ADMTA and pay the ADMTA $20.00 registration fee to cover the cost of testing, medals and test record processing.


All rules and guidelines for the theory tests are made by the TMTA. Read the TMTA HANDBOOK at www.tmta.org for complete information. 

  • There is NEW INFORMATION in the TMTA handbook on medal eligibility for vocalist and instrumentalist testing in levels 4 – 12 Pianists who begin their studies late may be considered instrumentalists with the same guidelines. PLEASE read the current TMTA handbook carefully found at www.tmta.org. 
  • No student will be allowed to take a test above the current school grade level. Such tests will be considered ineligible and will be returned to the local chair.
  • A student may take two different tests during the school year IF one is in the fall and one is in the spring, however, they MAY NOT test ABOVE their SA enrollment grade level.
  • A student MAY NOT take the theory test on two levels during the same testing period.
  • Home-schooled students must declare a school grade each year upon enrollment and take the test at that level.
  • No enrollment levels may change during the school year unless the student changes grade levels at mid-term.
  • Students who skip a school grade or who are promoted during the year will be required to take the test at BOTH grade levels for medal and award eligibility. They may test one grade level in the fall and one in the spring. The local chair must notify both the TMTA Theory Coordinator and the TMTA office in order for the record to reflect both grades.
  • Students who repeat a grade must test no higher than their current school grade, even if it means passing a test previously taken and passed. The student will be eligible to earn a medal if the score is 90 or above.
  • Students must be current SA Members for student eligibility in state SA activities.
  • Students may have only ONE TMTA-SA membership each year.
  • A student may take the Theory Test in any local association for the purpose of Theory Eligibility.
  • A student may take the theory test in only one local association per testing period.
  • Students must list the association where they hold SA membership when they register for the theory test. If the student’s designated SA membership is not ADMTA and they request to test in AUS, the teacher pays a $15.00 processing fee for each student testing.


  1. Tests with grading errors may be submitted for re-grading.
  2. The entire test will be re-graded, and the score could be raised or possibly lowered if additional grading errors are found.
  3. For the state to consider re-grading, the request must affect the medal the student would receive.
  4. Teachers will fill out the re-grading request form at www.tmta.org found on the student affiliate activities area under the theory test tab. The teacher will receive a confirmation email with a file attached. The teacher must print the attachment and submit it with the test to be re-graded to LOCAL CHAIR who will forward to STATE.


  1. Materials can be ordered online at www.tmta.org under the student affiliate activities area for study materials and certificates.
  2. Available for order are copies of older tests, ear-training CD’s and keys, teacher manuals and student glossaries.
  3. Medals for both fall and spring are ordered in the spring by the theory chairs.
  4. Medals and certificates are awarded according to the following scores:
70 and above Certificate
90-93 Bronze medal
94-97 Silver medal
98-101 Gold medal


Registration for this event ended January 13, 2020 @ 5:59 am.

To edit a registration, click on the registration's Edit link, then after the page re-loads, the Register tab. To delete a registration, click on the registration's Delete link, then OK in the confirmation popup. Please note that registrations cannot be edited after the grace period. If any problems, please contact assist@admta.org by the end of the grace period.

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Registration for this event ended January 18, 2020 @ 5:59 am.
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