January 18, 2020 @ 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Registration deadline: January 1 @ 11:59 pm

Location: Steinway Piano Gallery

We appreciate the invitation of the Steinway Piano Gallery to hold our recitals in their recital hall. As a courtesy, we ask that students do not play on showroom pianos as they enter and exit the recitals.



The ADMTA Young Composers Concert will offer a venue for performance of student compositions on a specially designated recital in January. It will provide an opportunity for students, parents and teachers to hear and perform works composed by our young ADMTA composers. This program also satisfies the recommendation of TMTA that all student compositions (not just winners of a contest) be performed on a local recital.

Students may have the opportunity to be inspired and learn from a current composer performance and/or lecture at this concert. Additionally, students may receive non rated critiques to provide helpful feedback about their performed composition.


  1. This concert is open to all students who have written a composition and there are no student fees for registration.
  2. Students of member and non-member teachers may submit a registration, Parent/Guardian Consent From and there are no teacher fees.
  3. It is not necessary that the composition be entered in the MTNA or TMTA SA composition contests, but applicants that have entered either the MTNA or TMTA contests will have first priority should time or space become a factor.


  1. Performance time must not exceed 10 minutes.
  2. Only compositions requiring 10 or fewer voices and /or instruments with one performer per part are permitted. If one percussion performer is included they are counted as one performer even though they may be playing more than one instrument.
  3. Compositions for prepared piano are not permitted.
  4. If a composition requires special electronic equipment then this must be provided by the student for the recital and is subject to approval by the chair. Accommodation of the equipment may depend upon the recital location.
  5. If a composer uses a text: (1) copyrighted text must have a written statement from the copyright holder giving permission to use text or (2) text that is in the public domain must have a statement signed by the student and the teacher indicating this fact.
  6. The committee will have final say regarding the concert program.


  1. No memorization is required.
  2. Both ADMTA and non-ADMTA affiliated teachers, musicians and students may perform a students’ composition at any level.
  3. Only live performances are permitted. Electronic realizations of larger scale works are not allowed.
  4. Exception to live performance requirement to showcase a composition: If an ensemble composition with a video of the work being performed live is available, and the necessary equipment is available at no extra costs, the chair and assistant chair at their discretion may permit the video recording in lieu of a live performance. Student must provide necessary equipment such as laptop, speakers, etc.
  5. The feasibility of the performance may determine whether the composition is able to be programmed. The final decision is at the discretion of the chair.
  6. Students are responsible for any costs associated with performance of their work.
  7. Students are responsible for arranging for performers. If assistance is need in locating performers, in particular for large ensembles, the chair must be notified in advance.
  8. If an ensemble work, the student composers should plan to arrange at least one rehearsal prior to the concert and be present to aid in the correct interpretation of their work.
  9. Student Composers should be present at this concert in order for their compositions to be performed or heard.


  1. Complete the application online at www.admta org
  2.  PDF of the score, A PDF can be a scanned copy of a hand-written manuscript or a computer generated manuscript.
  3. An audio file is welcome, but is NOT required.

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