ADMTA offers additional accommodations for students with special needs wishing to participate in the local ADMTA Festivals. Teachers must check the box for special needs at the time of registration and should notify their local ADMTA Festival Coordinator Chair by the event registration deadline of the specifics regarding special accommodations being requested for a student.

Teachers should provide documentation of the type of special need if requested. The ADMTA Festival Coordinator will make arrangements with the Festival Chair to accommodate the requested special need “if” possible. Examples of special needs include but are not limited to students with: 1. Vision impairment 2. Hearing impairment 3. Autism spectrum 4. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) 5. Down Syndrome 6. Dyslexia 7. English as a second language 8. Limited physical ability.

As with every student, the teacher should use good judgment as to whether it is appropriate to send the child with special needs to a festival.

  • Special accommodations allows the students to play with the music instead of from memory. Note: An original copy should be provided for the judge.
  • Students can earn a ribbon of “merit” and receive ratings of Excellent +, Excellent, Excellent -. They also receive a critique sheet and a certificate, but are not eligible for honors recital participation.

Our goal is to make accommodations so the student can have a positive experience and receive recognition for their hard work and progress as they develop the musical skills that enrich their lives.