Honor Recital 1–Jazz Pop Rock Festival

Honor Recital 2–Solo Contest  Parental/Guardian Consent

Honor Recital 3–Piano Ensemble Chamber Music Concerto Festival

Honor Recital 4–Baroque Classical Festival

Honor Recital 5–Romantic Contemporary Festival

Honor Recital 6–Ella Louise Burba Piano Contest & Original Composition   Parental/Guardian Consent

Adult Student Forum–Fall

Adult Student Forum–Spring

Young Composers Concert  Parental/Guardian Consent

Winners’ Recital  Parental/Guardian Consent



ELIGIBILITY for Honors Recitals ONE-SIX:

Students qualify to play on an Honors Recital by attaining one of the following:

  1. Superior Plus rating in a festival.
  2. Place as a Winner in the contests.
  3. Winner or Honorable Mention in Original Composition Contests (local or state or national).

ELIGIBILITY for Winners Recital:

  1. Winners for the Steinway Piano Gallery Concerto Competition (Nine Winners from elementary, junior, and senior divisions).
  2. Winners of the Schedler Scholarship (Six Winners from 6th-8th grades).
  3. Winners of the Janet Russell Memorial Scholarship (Eight Winners from 9th-12th grades).
  4. Winner of the Ella Louise Burba Senior Piano Scholarship (One winner).
  5. TMTA SA state regional finalists advancing to the state semi-finals in all divisions (TBD)
  6. Top Division winner of Austin Youth Music Ambassadors (Three winners from elementary, Junior, and senior divisions.  Division ties are allowed to participate).
  7. Outstanding Students of the Year (Six Winners.  Division ties are allowed to participate).
  8. Senior of the Year Awards (One Winner)
  9. MTNA/TMTA State, Division or National winners and alternatives. (TBD)
  10. Ella Louise Burba (grade 1-12) Piano Contest (1st and 2nd place winners each grade; possible 24 winners)


  1. All recitals will be held on a Saturday afternoon depending on the availability of facilities.
  2. Recitals are broken into programs of 25-35 students each, scheduled approximately between 11:00 – 6:00 pm depending on the number of registrations. There are usually no times BEFORE lunch except for HR SIX.
  3. The final recital of the day for Winners’ Recital is designated for the eligible winners and finishes by 5:00 PM


  1. Students may perform only one piece from the prior festival or contest.
  2. Do NOT take repeats!
  3. Students must play from memory.
  4. Only one movement of a multi-section piece may be programmed.
  5. There are no restrictions on who performs the student’s winning composition. See further guidelines for performances of compositions under TMTA SA Composition entry.
  6. Facilities and logistics of event do not allow any outside equipment to be brought to the event which includes pedal extenders, electronic equipment for accompaniment tracks, etc.


Students and their families are expected to arrive 15 minutes prior to the concerts and stay until the end of the recital. 


  1. Registration follows the same general instructions for other online events.
  2. Registration ends at 11:45 PM on the day of the deadline with a two-day grace period.
  3. There is no cost for honors recitals, but there is a two-day grace period after the deadline with a late fee of $15.00 and the treasurer will bill you.