TMTA Student Affiliate events

Theory Test–Fall

Original Composition Contests

Publication Contests

Video Essay Contests

Performance Contests

Theory Test–Spring

Ensemble Program

World of Music

TMTA Student Affiliate Events

For more information, chairs, deadlines and fees for the registration of SA events, reference the ADMTA 2017-2018 TMTA SA EVENTS CHART and click on the event link(s) above to complete registrations.

ADMTA as a local association serves as a venue for many of the SA events. There are local deadlines and local fees to enter these SA events. Reference ADMTA 2017-18 TMTA SA ENROLLMENT and SA EVENTS GUIDE for more information.

All Student Affiliate events require the student to be Student Affiliate enrolled once per academic year prior to the event.  Student Affiliate (SA) Enrollment is done exclusively online through the member portal at  Members should contact Abby at TMTA about technical problems with the the TMTA website. Before completing SA enrollments be sure to read the TMTA INSTRUCTIONS FOR SA ENROLLMENTS.