Dear Student,

You have been invited to perform on our upcoming ADMTA sponsored Honors Recital because of your recent achievements in one of our ADMTA events where you demonstrated a high level of musicianship. We hope this additional opportunity with a live audience will provide you with a valuable experience as you develop your performance skills and share the music you have worked hard to learn with others. Congratulations to you and to your teacher and your family for their support of your music education. Please read the following to help our recitals run smoothly and be an optimal experience for the entire audience.

All performers:

Please sit in the front with the other performers so you can quickly reach the stage when it is your turn to play. Feel free to sit with your parents after you play. Please check with the emcee when you arrive to get further instructions. There will be a sign-in sheet at the entry area.

All audience members:

Please refrain from talking or whispering during the recital. Parents please sit with your children and ask them to sit quietly. Also explain that they should not play with the seats or stand on them for their safety. We usually only have enough programs available for one or two per family.

Families with children under age 6:

It may be helpful for active young ones to be seated near the back of the hall and perhaps an aisle seat so that parents can take them out temporarily if they become noisy. We want the younger siblings to enjoy the performance and be exposed to the beautiful classical music they will hear as long as they can be attentive. We want our performers to have a pleasant and non- disruptive experience.

  • Please feel free to invite family and friends.
  • Please turn off all cell phones, pagers and any other electronic noise-makers during therecital. Please no food, drinks or gum.
  • To respect all the performers, please stay until the end of the recital. The chance to hear peers play is educational and exposes them to music they may be inspired to learn.
  • Ushers will help keep the hall as quiet as possible during performances. Should you arrive early while another recital is taking place, the usher may have you enter between performances to take a seat if room allows.
  • Performers may NOT practice on the hall piano before or after the recitals.
  • Videotaping IS ALLOWED where relatives are filming family members for personal, home-movie and non-commercial use.  Thank you for your cooperation and your attendance.
  • Guests are not permitted to touch or play on any pianos in the piano showroom.  We are invited guests of Steinway Piano Gallery and we must respect the valuable instruments in their showroom.  If you are shopping for an instrument, please greet one of the Steinway staff and let them assist you.


Steinway Piano Gallery:  12980 North Hwy 183, Austin, TX  78750

(512) 258-6100

Directions to Steinway Piano Gallery are available at There is plenty of free parking.  We appreciate the invitation of the Steinway Piano Gallery to hold our recitals in their recital hall. As a courtesy, we ask that students do not play on showroom pianos as they enter and exit the recitals.


The University of Texas at Austin, Jessen Auditorium located in Homer Rainey Hall (HRH), 200 21st St. W, Austin, TX 78705

Directions to Homer Rainey Hall can be found  here.

The nearest parking garage is the AT&T Conference Center located at 1900 University Ave, Austin, TX 78705

After parking, walk north on University Ave. to 21st Street

We appreciate the opportunity to have our honors recital in Jessen Auditorium on the campus at the University of Texas at Austin. As a courtesy, please do not play on the hall piano.