Austin Youth Music Ambassadors 2016-2017

Sponsored by the Austin District Music Teachers Association, AYMA gives opportunities for students to perform in public and share the benefits of music study in their lives.

Auditions are held each October for 1st–12th grade pianists, other instrumentalists or vocalists. Please check for application deadline and instructions at under the “forms/events” link of the “member resources” area.

These students are encouraged to share their talents in the community as they work in tandem with various charitable organizations. The teachers and their students work with others in the arts community to present outstanding concert experiences providing outreach through educational programs.

If you are interested in sponsoring or hosting an Austin Youth Ambassador’s concert, please email Please visit or visit the ADMTA Facebook page for updates about upcoming AYMA concerts. Concerts are free and open to the public.

Celebrate ADMTA’s Centennial 1917-2017

The Austin District Music Teachers Association is celebrating 100 years since its founding in 1917! The Centennial luncheon was on Friday, April 28th at 11:30am at Chateau Bellevue, 708 San Antonio Street in Austin. The afternoon featured a program including musical performances as well as special guest speakers. There was also an archival display for viewing during the luncheon.

Classically Cool Educational Concert Series

The Classically Cool Educational Concert Series is sponsored by a grant from ADMTA and MTNA. This program helps to support the music curriculum at area schools by reinforcing music history and literature as students hear and discuss works from all major musical periods, learn about the works of selected composers and hear live performances of vocal and/or instrumental music from various cultures.

In addition to music appreciation software for students to access prior to the concerts, area students get to hear live performances of Classical music by the Austin Youth Music Ambassadors. As part of this outreach program these talented young performers share their love of Classical music as well as the benefits of music study in their lives.

If you would like further information about this program and having the AYMA perform in your area school, please contact Sheree Naquin at